New Year, Old You?

It’s a new year and many of us have incredible intentions to do all sorts of self-improvement; hit the gym, eat better, work smarter, get organized, read more, travel!  Unfortunately, by about this time to the first week of February many resolutions start to fall flat.  We inadvertently slip into old habits.  Responsibilities pull us out of our fresh new outlook and pressing commitments force us to react to the immediate and forget the proactive nature that self-improvement demands.


If this isn’t your experience, yay you!  Get after it! Keep up the good work! And please, tell us all your secret!!


If this is you, let’s talk…


First, slipping isn’t failing.  Throwing in the towel entirely without reflecting on why your intentions couldn’t be realized?  That’s a bit closer to the failure department.  Hence, I challenge you to take a moment and consider why your resolutions fell flat. 


·      Was the resolution too aggressive? Be honest!

·      Was it not the right time for this growth-goal?  If not, why not?

·      What got in the way?


Now I challenge you one step further, how can you readjust your intention to make the resolution more meaningful for yourself now?  How can you tweak it to get you to that place of excitement and inspiration?  Maybe you need an accountability partner?  Maybe you need to be more forceful with yourself or perhaps you need to soften your expectations and be more gentle with yourself?  Maybe this isn’t the right resolution at all anymore and you need to completely shift gears and decide what IS?!


This self-reflection can bring so much clarity if you allow it.  Please, share with me what comes up for you!  Where are you NOW with your intentions for 2017 and how do you intend to stay on track?