And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
— Marianne Williamson
Kelly McNeill, Rise Life Coach

Kelly McNeill, Rise Life Coach


My mission is to help you better align with your passion and purpose in life.

Rediscovering who you are and what is valuable to you can translate into greater personal and professional success.  As a coach, I help facilitate self-discovery and growth.  I walk beside my clients to help them better navigate the path of life's minutiae to the greatness within.  I want to see you blossom into the most breathtaking you.

Kelly helped me uncover and really connect with my values in life. That knowledge has helped me navigate through some really difficult challenges.
— A.M., Client


As a Co-Active Coach, I help my clients recognize their core values and motivations as well as their negative internal dialogues; acknowledging and coaching the whole person.  My goal is to enable my clients to uncover their most powerful and authentic self and to give them the tools to live in that identity as fully as possible. 

I utilize the Co-Active coaching method adopted from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) the largest in-person coach training institute in the world.  CTI's approach comes from the understanding that the coachee is fully creative resourceful and whole and as coaches we enable our clients to embrace this empowering concept.  Together, coach and client create a safe and nurturing alliance that enables learning and growth. 

The Co-Active approach is unique in that it sees the client as the expert of their own life, fully capable of finding the answers when armed with the right resources.  This approach is powerfully effective in both personal and professional development.  My job as coach is to help my clients unlock their talent and creativity by asking the powerful questions that wake up the genius within.